The Clinician Generalist

What is a generalist?

A person who is competent in several different fields, holds many skill sets, and can perform a wide range of duties.

What is a clinician generalist?

A clinician generalist infuses clinical excellence, expertise, and rigor into health/tech businesses and startups while using transferable skills to function and excel in non clinical roles.

I provide generalist fractional services to health focused start ups.

Clinical strategy & product advisement

curated clinician focus groups

Project & Process Implementation

Whether you are a pro in start ups or start up naive, success isn't necessarily found in how great your idea is - it's found in your ability to roll up your sleeves, operationalize, and execute. I'm a pro.

My experience

Breadth and depth

  • Seasoned clinician as a certified Physician Assistant x 11 years with 7 years of care delivery experience

  • Clinical transformation consultant under a payor system

  • Chronic care management, collaborative care, and population health experience

  • Experienced health tech operator including operations, customer, product, and people functions

  • HR and Change Management Certified

  • Community builder

Who am i a fit for

Early stage health startups

  • Early stage health start ups not ready to hire full time

  • Health start ups focused on a primary care, GI, or behavioral health vertical

  • Health starts ups needing operational support

  • Health start ups looking for a clinical input, project, process, or procedure implementation

  • Health start ups needing patient or clinician end user guidance

  • Health start ups looking for a curated focus groups of clinicians for product discovery

Let me know how I can help

P.S. I also run a community for clinicians

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